Restaurants & Hotels

Make your menu and dining experience unforgetalbe

  • Menu Creation & Consulting

  • Recipe Development & Testing

  • Platting Design & Food Photography

  • One on One Staff Support & Training

Refined memorable dishes will have your customers coming back for more and giving rave reviews.  Everyone knows positive customer feedback is the best way to a successful business. 

Sometimes it's as simple as tweaking the current menu and other times it involves an entire transformation.  Maybe you need help developing recipes or testing current ones that need a spin or boost.  And once you've got that amazing menu you may need some thoughtful creative platting ideas along with food photography. The staff may need some support on how to implement a new menu or maybe you are happy with your current menu but your staff needs a tad bit of support learning some new trends or techniques. 


Together we can create a plan to take your business or project to the next level. I can help taking into consideration things like budget, cost control, your current inventory and what you have access to locally.  All these things matter when it comes to having a successful business.  ​

Blogs & Publications

Thought provoking culinary copy and food blogging

  • Blog & Article Writing

  • Online Recipe Sharing

  • Restaurant Reviews


With years of experience blogging and writing articles, food is one of my favorite things to write about!  I offer a range of writing services.  You may need copy for your project, want me to be a guest writer, do a restaurant review in a place I happen to be or require recipes for your project.  I can create a series of articles for you or just one.  If you need support sharing recipes I have hundreds of tried and true recipes I've developed and tested.  I've spent years developing not only traditional recipes but plant based and gluten free recipes as well.  

Whatever idea you have or current project you've got going on I can help!  Skilled in SEO usage of keywords, internal links and creative writing. 

Food Coaching

Personalized meal plans deliciously designed 

  • Meal Planning

  • Addressing Individual Needs

  • Recipe Design for Different Diets


Maybe you've tried to use a meal kit delivery service, but it wasn't customized enough or didn't suit your dietary needs.   Sometimes you want the personal touch of someone taking into account all your likes, dislikes, allergies and goals.  That's where I come in.  Together we can work out a plan that works for you. 

I do all the work of crafting a meal plan just for you taking into account your diet of choice and goals.  I provide a package of recipes with grocery lists just for you. I've customized recipes for a variety of diets such as vegan, paleo, low acid and more.  I've also worked with those impacted by food allergies and autoimmune disorders.  

You don't have to figure it out all on your own and you don't have to rely on meal plans that were designed for the masses.  Together we can craft a package of my best recipes that are ideal for you. 

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