Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

​Who uses meal delivery services?

All kinds of people such as:

  • Time pressed professionals with demanding schedules

  • Busy moms and dads

  • Individuals recuperating from injury or illness

  • Those looking to lose weight or improve their health

  • Anyone who doesn’t like – or know how – to cook

  • New and expecting moms

  • Anyone who wants to let me do the shopping, prep and clean up!

​Do I have to commit to a certain amount of weeks or time?

Not at all! You can use the service as often or sporadically as you'd like. Do keep in mind that because the service caters to individuals and the chef does it all making it a personal experience, there is a limited number of clients I can take per week. So make sure to get your order in on time when you're ready.  You also have the option of signing up for a month at a time as well to ensure your spot!

How are the meals packaged?

The meals are packaged in recyclable microwavable BPA free reusable containers.  The containers are reusable and yours to keep or recycle. 


How do I reheat the meals?

You can reheat in the microwave right in the containers or remove the food to reheat in the oven or on the stove.  There are instructions given on how to reheat each of the meals.  As a rule of thumb, always reheat at medium temperature.  By reheating at medium you are preserving the flavor and nutritional value.  Studies have shown that when foods are heated at a lower temperature, even in microwaves, they maintain all their benefits. I suggest using pyrex dishes if you have an oven handy.  I find that this is the easiest and best way to reheat your meals if your not using a microwave. Again, each meal comes with directions how to reheat and many meals can be eaten hot or cold.  

How many days do the meals stay good?

You have 5 days to eat the meals once delivered. Food safety tells us that you should eat all prepared food within 7 days.  I use 5 as a rule of thumb to be on the safe side.  If you have leftovers you can store all leftovers in the freezer and keep for up to 3 months.

How To Order FAQ:

How do I order the meals?

To order email or text me and I will send you an order form and more information. You may call as well if you have other questions not covered here.  You will need to fill out the order form, give me a few details and let me know know when you'd like to start service.  There are a limited number of spots each week so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or would like to set up even weeks ahead.  You also have the option of becoming an ongoing regular customer.

Once I sign up how does it work?

After you initially sign-up and receive the first order form you will then begin receiving order forms each week with the menu choices for the following week.  New order forms will come by email or text every Monday.

Do I have to order a full week?

You can order for a full week or half week. Delivery days are Monday and Wednesday.  You may choose to have meals delivered both days or just one of the days.  The choices for the different days are shown in the menus section of the website and on the order form that you will be emailed each week.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a minimum order of $125 per delivery. So if you are getting meals delivered one day then your order needs to be $125 or more.  If you are choosing to have meals delivered both Monday and Wednesday then your order would need to be $250 or more ($125 each delivery day). You can choose one of the meal packages or design your own from the weekly menu options.  

What is the order cut off time for the following week?

All orders must be put in by 10pm the Thursday prior to the week before delivery.  I need a few days on my end to organize, buy the freshest products possible and be prepared to delivery amazing meals!  If you are an ongoing regular client and do not meet the deadline you will receive the "Chef's Choice" for the next week.  Part of making it your own is getting to choose, but I know life gets busy sometimes. 

What type of payment do you take?

I take cash, check and paypal right now.  If you become a long term customer you can also pay for a month at a time.  Regular clients whose orders over $300 per week also have the option of direct deposit.  When you sign up more payment details will be provided.

Nutritional FAQ:

Are the meals 100% Organic?

I am committed to using organic and sustainable products and ingredients as much as possible. There are instances in which an organic or sustainable product is not available due to seasonal availability at which time I will often alter the recipes to try to keep the meals as sustainable and organic as possible. I take pride in offering the healthiest meals I can.

How big are the portions?

The portions range depending upon the meal/dish.  The meals are geared to be nutritious so I give healthy portions of vegetables while also taking into account protein to make sure you are getting a well rounded meal that keeps you healthy and nourished.  The general portion size is as follows:

4oz of a protein

4oz of a side such as rice, quinoa, etc

8oz of a vegetable 

*If you'd like bigger portion sizes please contact me for more information.

How many calories are in the meals?

Just like portions sizes range depending upon the meal/dish, so do the calories per meal. 

Breakfast:  350 - 450 calories

Lunch:  400 - 500 calories

Dinner:  450 - 600 calories

Juices:  200 - 250 calories

Deserts:  150 - 250 calories


Will following your meal plan help me lose weight?

It may! I don't claim to be a weight loss service, but I do strive to provide meals that are as organic and sustainably sourced as possible.  If you are someone who eats a lot of processed food the meal plan will surely help you improve your diet and eating habits.  Letting you choose your own meals from the choices offered is another way I try to help you stay on track of your health goals. 

I’m following a special diet (gluten free, soy free, etc.) – can you accommodate my needs?

Each week there are meal choices to pick from that most of which are gluten free and many soy free as well. You get to customize your order by the choices that you make.  You may order one of each meal type or 3 of the same meal. It's all up to you!  At this time I am not offering personal customizations for the dishes offered as part of the weekly meals that are offered.  If you are interested in a fully customized meal plan please contact me for more information and rates.

I don't like certain types of foods or cuisines- can you remove things like tomatoes from my meals?

As I mentioned above, I don't offer any personalization for the weekly meal delivery.  The way to customize your weekly meals is to pick what you love from the choices.  For example, if the choices of the Monday drop off of a particular week are: Indian Chole Masala, Vegan Mac & Cheese and Black Bean Enchiladas, but you dislike Indian food, all you have to do is not pick the Indian choice.  You're welcome to pick all Mac & Cheese if you like or 2 Mac & Cheese and one Enchilada. It's all up to you!  That's part of the fun of getting to check out the menu ahead of time and pick what you want.

If you really, really just need the extra special attention and customized food just for you please contact me for more details and rates.

Delivery FAQ:

When are the meals delivered?

The meals are delivered every Monday and Wednesday by 5pm.

How are the meals delivered?

The meals are delivered in a cooler bag with ice packs at your front door or other designated area that has been setup ahead of time.  If you are home you get them right away to place in your refrigerator!  If you are away most of the day please know that the cooler bag will keep the meal fresh for about 4 hours on hot days, so you need to have someone take the food inside.  For regular clients there are options as well.

What if I'm not home for long periods of time or want them placed in my fridge to make sure they are kept as fresh as possible?

If you are away for most of the day or are a regular customer a lock box or key exchange is recommended, so that I may place the meals directly into your refrigerator.​  This is the best way to prevent worry and keep the meals as fresh as possible. When you sign up we can talk about this in further detail. 

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, there is a $10 delivery fee on all delivery days. For the meal packages this delivery fee has been reduced and is included, which adds extra savings. However, there is no extra fee if you choose to do a key exchange or setup a lock box for me to place the meals directly into your refrigerator.

What to do with the cooler bag?

Please leave the cooler bags outside for me or in your kitchen, so that I may reuse them on my next delivery.  There is a one time $20 fee for the cooler bag. I charge at cost for the cooler bags.  I make no profit from them. If cooler bags are not returned there will be an additional fee on future deliveries. I need the cooler bags to provide the yummy meals.

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